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4. iPUP 6 Dark Gray for iphone 6 /6S




iPUP 6  for more safe and more comfortable life.

iPUP 6 is a card holding iPhone 6 case, but it has different features with other iphone cases.
iPUP 6 has unique design and convenient functions. 
The puppy shape card cover, which is the most adorable feature of iPUP, minimizes the exposure of card information. 
The slot can hold a card tightly, but also a card can be taken out from the case with fingers easily due to its own structural design. 

iPUP becomes more safe on iPUP 6. 

To protect iphone 6, we have created iPUP 6 with TPU base case and PC card holder part. 

You can detach PC card pocket from TPU case.

This case will help people carry credit card, ID, or transportation card conveniently. 
Choose a card you use the most and put it in iPUP 6. Then you can travel light. This is for more safe and more comfortable life.