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Jambo Island Illustrated Book 2 - Together with AHJI & ORI




 Together with AHJI & ORI - Jambo Island Illustrated Book


A famous hunting dog AHJI has changed to a yellow dog after lightning hit.
From that day, AHJI can communicate with other animals and becomes a helper for animals who need communication.
AHJI is so busy to solve other animals communication problem.
So AHJI becomes to like to be alone.



ORI is a cute baby duckling born with curiosity and tiny buttocks, so it cannot swim without a swim ring.
ORI saw AHJI at birth, so ORI always follows Ahji around.


This book shows about being together.

And it has no words except the first page and the last page.

People who read this book can make their own story with pictures. 


size : 208 x 208 x 15 mm  / 88pages / hardcover

weight : 541g

language : English

published in Korea