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KON Name Tag




KON Name Tag is for your Lucky Travel.

There are four kinds of tag featuring Jambo Characters.

(Jambo Parrot, Jambo Bee, Jambo Blue Bird, Lucky Poo)


Not only for your luggage bag, but you can also put them any backpack or kids' lunch bag.

We have included two length strings (short 115mm & long 170mm)

Size : W 110mm X H 120mm 

Material : PVC 


The package is a clear pouch to reuse.


Allok (Jambo Parrot)

Dalcom (Jambo Bee)

Parang (Jambo Blue Bird)

Lucky POO


How to Use


Package : Reusable Clear Pouch

The pouch has cute patterns on the back.

Every package includes two strings for a nametag.

Package size : W 140mm X H 160mm